How does PTMD work with care homes?

How does PTMD work with care homes

PTMD are a key healthcare partner in the care home sector, offering 24/7 holistic healthcare support and pharmacy services to multiple care homes across the UK.  Care home services are a major part of what we do and who we are and our pharmacy care service offers established and professional healthcare to support elderly residents and those who care for them.

PTMD are a recognised Care Home pharmacy and our care homes service is second to none with a multi-factered approach to the specific needs of care home residents.

PTMD have gained their experience and excellent reputation in this sector by working closely with all the stakeholders involved in the provision of elderly and nursing care and have formed an excellent relationship with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a result.

How does PTMD work with care homes?
As a small provider, PTMD are able to offer flexibility in approach and attention to detail avoiding the one size fits all approach of many of the major care home service providers. PTMD’s unique service includes:-

  • Collecting prescriptions from surgeries and care homes
  • A dispensing service which runs until 18.00 every day and guaranteeing same day delivery
  • A flexible approach which can quickly and seamlessly implement any mid-cycle changes in medications from doctor’s rounds with a same day response
  • Free up valuable staff time by auditing medication regimes and monthly repeat prescriptions to ensure accuracy and less waste
  • Accept emergency prescriptions by fax
  • Provide one dedicated pharmacist as a single point of contact for each care home

PTMD can also provide inspection and training packages to help lighten the load on care home teams – we understand the unique challenges and pressures of this sector and can help lighten the impact on care home services of the continuing compliance requirements associated with the control and administration of medicines.

Take a look at the care homes service offered by PTMD, helping to manage all the mental and physical challenges faced by older people and the elderly, promoting quality of life with our informed and professional pharmacy care service.  Visit our website to find out more

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