How can a frequent traveller obtain repeat prescriptions?

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    Remembering to pack everything you need for your trip can be stressful. While many items can be bought at your local destination, others may be more difficult to get a hold of. Frequent travellers who take NHS repeat prescriptions need to ensure they have enough of their medications.

    Running out of your much needed prescriptions while you’re away from home doesn’t have to be a panic-inducing emergency. Pharmacy to My Door is a trusted pharmacy for NHS repeat prescriptions in Briales and Stratford Upon Avon. In addition to helping you locally with your medication needs, we can also give advice about getting your prescriptions while travelling.

    Can I Get Repeat Prescriptions While Travelling?

    NHS GPs have to adhere to regulations set out by the government. Currently, the NHS can only provide care to patients who will be away from the UK for less than three months. Their duty of care ends if the patient is outside of the UK for more than three months.

    If you’re going to be going abroad but intend to come back within 3 months, your GP or prescriber can give you up to three months’ worth of your medications to take with you. This gives travellers some peace of mind as well as time for them to find a prescriber at their travel destination if they will be away longer than 3 months.

    People who are travelling within the UK and have forgotten their NHS repeat prescriptions have a couple of options. They can contact a local out-of-hours GP or NHS 111 to discuss getting an emergency prescription issued. Local pharmacies can also help. Depending on the type of medication, a pharmacist can issue a short-term emergency prescription to cover you until you return home.

    NHS repeat prescription in Kineton

    If you’re going to be travelling and want to make sure you have all that you need, give us a call or pop in to discuss how we can help. Pharmacy to My Door is a community pharmacy dedicated to the health of our patients. Contact us today to arrange hassle-free NHS repeat prescriptions in Shipston on Stour and Kineton.

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