How Easy Is It To Access GP Service Online?

How easy to access GP Service Online

How Easy is it to Access GP Service Online?

The development of online GP services has proved very timely, particularly during the lockdowns amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. No one wants to add to the NHS burden at the moment so why not use online GP services and access a quick appointment on a day and time to suit you?  PTMD offers a private GP service in Banbury, a private GP service in Stratford and also private GP services in Droitwich and Redditch. Visit in person or consult online with full pharmacy support services for any prescribed medication.

What are the benefits of a private GP?

One of the main benefits of a private GP service is the speed with which you can access a doctor. If you are consulting online then you are not confined to a GP within your local area and can search for an available appointment across the internet.  Some of the other benefits include:

  •  Flexibility – private doctors will offer extended appointment times earlier in the morning and later in the evening compared to a regular NHS surgery. There are also weekend appointments available.
  • Choice – choose the GP you want to see
  •  Longer appointment times – don’t feel rushed or confined to a ten-minute slot. Enjoy longer times to discuss health concerns in more detail.
  •  Privacy – some people dislike the waiting room of their local doctor’s surgery as they feel their privacy is compromised particularly in a small or rural community.
  • Facilities  – often state of the art and modern
  • Additional services – many private doctors work in conjunction with pharmacists and offer other services such as travel clinics providing vaccinations for foreign trips
  • Speed of results – for those worried about a health diagnosis, speed of results can be a very important key factor

Finding the best online GP can be a matter of trial and error but, unlike the National Health Service, you have the choice and the freedom to consult different doctors until you find one that you gel with, or you can consult different doctors for different needs. An online GP service offers both the ultimate in flexibility and control which many people find very reassuring when it comes to health matters.

PTMD offers a private GP service in Banbury, so if you want to see a general practitioner in Banbury and can’t get an appointment with your own surgery then we can help. We also offer a private GP service in Stratford, Droitwich and Redditch either in person or online with a full range of support services and an online pharmacy for all your medication needs. Visit our website to find out more

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