How Home Health Care Services For The Elderly Helps?

How home health care service for the elderly helps

How home health care service for the elderly helps?

At Pharmacy to My Door, we understand that taking care of your health can be difficult, especially if you are on multiple medications or have recently been prescribed new tablets. That’s why we offer a fully comprehensive pharmacy service to help with your home health care, and also offer care home services in Shipston and the surrounding area.

Care Home Services

If you have a relative in a care home or residential home, you want to know that every aspect of their care is to the highest standard, including their medications. At our purpose-built pharmacy in Shipston, we offer care homes the opportunity to have residents’ medications dispensed in dosset boxes. The dosset box makes it easier for staff to give medications and reduces drug errors. To do this, we have invested over £100,000 in a robotic dispensing system to ensure the right medications are given every time. If your relative is in a care home supplied by Pharmacy to My Door, you can be sure they are receiving the best standard of pharmaceutical care.

Home Health Care

We offer a range of home care services, including repeat dispensing service for your repeat medications, and can even arrange for repeat medications to be delivered free of charge to an address of your choice. Our qualified pharmacists are able to give advice regarding your medications, or any queries you may have about side effects, dosage or how to take your medicine. If you take lots of medications, we can offer a review which may help us to pinpoint any possible problems, such as drug interactions. All medications are dispensed in child-safe containers, unless you ask us not to do this. If you are prescribed a new medication, our pharmacists can call to check its efficacy, and that it is not causing any issues.

Talk to Pharmacy to My Door today to see how we can help you.

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