How Is A Care Home Pharmacy Beneficial For Seniors?

How is a care home pharmacy beneficial for seniors

Care homes are assisted living facilities for people who are struggling to care for themselves and even with help from friends, family and caretakers, had a needs assessment which found that they are in need of a care home. Some people with medical conditions that require round the clock care are often also suited to this living arrangement. Staff at care home facilities are eager to provide direct care to their patients but can’t always do so because they’re organising pills or worrying about having to do so. Because access to proper medication in these facilities is essential, as they usually house people with one or more serious underlying medical conditions, this can be time-consuming for the care home staff. That’s where care home pharmacies come in.

What do Care Home Pharmacies provide?

Care Home Pharmacies provide quality access to pharmacy services for care home facility residents. Their goal is to ensure that residents have timely and accurate access to the medicines they need. Rather than having to worry about the accuracy and availability of their meds from an outside pharmacy, care home pharmacies are there to ensure that they’re always and rapidly available. Care Home Pharmacies also free up care home staff to provide more care for residents, as they don’t have to sort pills anymore. Additionally, care home pharmacies work closely with the Care Quality Commission to ensure the care home is compliant with all relevant rules and regulations governing care homes, so patients and their families know that they’re getting quality care.

If any changes arise in the medications that patients in a care home are taking, Care Home Pharmacies in brailes are able to accommodate them to ensure that they don’t miss out on any medications or miss out on their new ones. Home care pharmacies are also able to provide auditing for monthly repeat prescriptions, further freeing up staff from having to worry about that and instead allowing them to dedicate more time to directly caring for the patients. Finally, Care Home Pharmacies can provide emergency access to prescriptions via fax, to further free up staff from having to track down patients’ prescriptions on short notice.

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