How Long Do Repeat Prescriptions Take?

How long do repeat prescriptions take

How Long do Repeat Prescriptions Take?

Remembering and organising repeat prescriptions for regular medication can be a real chore. It’s so easy to forget to re-order your repeat medicine and then end up getting caught out. There is a great new electronic prescription and repeat prescription service in the UK supported by the NHS and available through PTMD which can make remembering your repeat prescriptions a piece of cake. This electronic service will remove all the stress, worry and effort of organising prescriptions and repeat prescriptions ensuring you never miss out on medication, and it couldn’t be easier to set up.

Online pharmacies have been taking the medical world by storm, streamlining prescriptions from the point of issue right through to the delivery of the medication. Using a repeat prescription service will remove the chore of going backwards and forwards to your GP surgery to constantly re-order medication.  Handy reminders mean that you will never miss out and with a seamless electronic process, you don’t even have to leave the house. Medication can be delivered to your door free of charge and within 48 hours.

How do online repeat prescriptions work?

  • Sign up to PTMD and open an online account – it’s quick and completely secure
  • Tell your GP surgery that PTMD are your nominated pharmacy
  •  Decide where you want your medicines delivered to- you can alter the delivery address details via your online account so if you are not at home then the medication can be sent elsewhere
  • The handy reminder service will prompt you when it is time to order a repeat medication, meaning you never run low or run out

Ordering repeat prescriptions online saves the NHS time and money and it avoids the need for repeated trips to the GP surgery, not advisable during the Covid pandemic. The seamless process from your GP’s computer through to PTMD is confidential, totally secure and the medication can be sent to your home free of charge so there is even no need for collection.

You can find out more about the online repeat prescription service in the UK from our website which has everything you need to know to set up an account.

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