How Long Is The Flu Vaccine Effective For?

Flu vaccine effectiveness duration for protection

It will be time to get your flu vaccination soon. Even if you received one last year, you should consider getting another one before flu season kicks off this year. The flu is an unpleasant and disruptive illness that can keep people barely able to get out of bed.

This unpleasantness is preventable through vaccination. Save yourself the misery of the flu by booking in for Pharmacy to My Door’s flu vaccination service in Brailes and Moreton in Marsh.

Symptoms of the Flu

Unlike a common cold, the flu causes symptoms that are severe enough to keep you from being able to go about your daily life. The symptoms also tend to come on suddenly, making you feel like you’ve been hit with the symptoms out of nowhere. Most healthy people will be able to get back to their routines within a few days, but complications can and do occur each year from the flu.

The most common flu symptoms are:

  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Dry cough

There’s no treatment for the flu so if you become ill, your best bet is to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Over the counter medications can help reduce the severity of your symptoms and it’s unlikely you’ll need to see your GP.

How Long is the Flu Vaccine Effective?

You’ll need to get a new flu jab every year if you want to stay protected against catching the flu. There are multiple strains of the flu and as the strains vary and evolve, so do the vaccines. Extensive research goes into the latest batches of flu vaccines so that people are protected against the latest strain.

PTMD’s Flu Vaccination Service In Brailes and Kineton

Certain groups of people are able to get the annual flu jab free of charge through the NHS. Those who aren’t eligible for complimentary flu jabs can pay privately for them through pharmacies like Pharmacy to My Door.

NHS and private flu vaccination can be arranged at any of Pharmacy to My Door’s flu vaccination services. We offer a flu vaccination service in Stratford Upon Avon, Chipping Norton, and the surrounding areas. Contact us directly to book your annual flu jab.

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