How NHS Repeat Prescriptions Make Your Life Easier?

46. How NHS Repeat Prescriptions Make Your Life Easier?

When we couldn’t leave our homes for weeks at a time, delivery services became a lifeline for many in the UK. Groceries, food, and everyday household items that we normally bought in the shops could be shipped right to our doorstep. Whilst we don’t have to stay in our homes anymore, the convenience of online deliveries is still a major plus in our busy lives. We can have just about anything sent in the post, including your NHS repeat prescriptions. And it doesn’t cost you or the NHS anything extra!

What Are Repeat Prescriptions?
A repeat prescription is a medication you receive on a regular basis without needing to see your GP every time you need a refill. Depending on the systems your GP surgery uses, you may have to visit the surgery each time you need a refill to get a paper prescription. This usually takes a day or more, then you have to go pick it up and take it to the pharmacy. Some GP surgeries have digitised their prescriptions so you might be able to request your medications online and have them sent electronically to your pharmacy.

These methods are less time consuming than seeing your GP whenever you need a refill, but they still require some effort. Many people in the UK do not have the time to spare, especially since most surgeries and pharmacies are only open when we are at work.

NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery
With Pharmacy to My Door’s NHS repeat prescription delivery service, you won’t have to worry about running back and forth between the GP and pharmacy. Once you sign up and we receive the details of your medications, we will contact your GP on your behalf whenever you need a refill. All you have to do is let us know you need your prescriptions and we’ll take it from there!

Because we are open until 6 pm, we can offer quick despatch for last-minute emergency prescriptions or any mid-cycle changes. If you normally pay for your prescriptions, you will need to continue paying this cost, but delivery is always completely free.

Visit our website to find out how to sign up for NHS repeat prescription delivery in Shipston-on-Stour and Bloxham.

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