How Online Repeat Prescription Services Are Proving Their Worth During The Pandemic?

How Online Repeat Prescription Services are Proving their Worth During the Pandemic

How Online Repeat Prescription Services are Proving their Worth During the Pandemic?

Even after lockdown, minimising human contact as much as possible has to be the best way forward and with restrictions being reintroduced as Covid cases rise, using digital services as much as you can is imperative. One thing you can’t do without is regular medicines and Covid is the best reason you could have to embrace a repeat prescription service and order your repeat prescriptions onlineUsing an online service for your repeat prescriptions is a great idea as it not only minimises unnecessary human contact but saves both time and money for the customer and the health service.

How do online prescriptions work?

It couldn’t be easier and you don’t need to be online yourself to benefit from this service. If you do have a computer then you can register with PTMD and we will liaise directly with your GP and organise your repeat prescriptions for you taking all the worry and hassle out of re-ordering your regular medication. You won’t need to visit your GP unless they request to see you with the whole process being seamless from your doctor’s surgery to us and you can also benefit from our free delivery for repeat prescriptions.  If you want to, you can set up and access your own account and organise the medicines for yourself but the digitised system will automatically take care of the schedule so you won’t have to remember to re-order.

If you don’t have a computer then the reception at your GP’s surgery can still set up an online repeat prescription for you and arrange the same rapid professional service whilst you sit in the comfort of your own home well away from the risk of illness. Delivery is free, all you need to do is to nominate PTMD as your pharmacist and we will take care of the rest.

Take advantage of our online repeat prescription service and have your regular medicines delivered to your door when you order your repeat prescription online with PTMD. To find out how our online repeat prescriptions work, take a look at our website for more information

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