How PTMD Manage Patients Who Cannot Self-Administer Medicine

Medication management for non self administering patients

PTMD work with many residential and nursing care home providers to support the health and wellbeing of elderly residents. However, older people in their home do not always have access to care and support when it comes to organising their medication.  In this situation, PTMD will use a dosette box to help that person manage their medicine.

What is a dosette box?

Remembering to take medication is very important, treatment can be rendered ineffective or there can be bad side effects if medicine is not taken at the correct time and in the prescribed dose.

Taking multiple medications can become very confusing even for younger people but especially so for older people who may be living alone.  Some people take several types of medication with different medicines at different times of day.

A dosette box is the perfect device to help a patient manage medicine if they have a complicated medication regime.  A dosette box is a plastic box with small compartments that clearly shows which pills need to be taken on which days and when.  The pharmacist can pre-load the dosette box to make life even easier.

Dosette boxes are not just useful for people living on their own but also those who have multiple carers as it can be easy for anyone to see at a glance whether the correct medication has been taken.  A dosette box is also very helpful for someone who has limited mobilty in their hands and struggles to open child-proof medicine bottles.

Some dosette boxes contain reminders and alarms to prompt the user to take their medication.  A patient used dosette box is the perfect way to resolve concerns about whether the correct medication is being taken and this can apply to the elderly but also people who may suddenly find themselves in a complicated medication regime due to disease or trauma.

For all your medication needs and to support the health and wellbeing of elderly people both within and without the care sector, PTMD offer a dosette box system to help manage medicine ensuring the right medication in the correct dosage is taken at the appropriate time.  To find out more and discover how PTMD is helping to support older people.

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