How To Book A Private Doctor Online?


How To Book A Private Doctor Online?

As the National Health Service creaks at the seams, the rise in private doctors online is prolific.  It couldn’t be easier to access a private doctor in the UK and save yourself a long wait to see your own GP and perhaps unnecessary worry as well. 

Appointments can be arranged for the same day or you can turn up to an access clinic.  Surgery hours are longer which works well for people who can only see a doctor at more unusual times due to family or work commitments.

How do you book to see a private doctor online?

Book online and see at a glance the available appointment times to suit your own schedule.  You can also just walk in and wait.  Consultations can be face to face as you would have with your own GP or you can arrange an online consultation with a doctor instead of or in addition to a physical appointment.  If you speak to a doctor online then they will advise you if you do need to be seen in person.

Do private doctors in the UK offer the same service as my own GP?

Examinations by private doctors are just as thorough and rigorous as those conducted by your own local doctor.  You can access all the usual range of services such as referrals, sick notes and expert clinical examination.  Your private doctor can also organise blood tests if required.

What about prescriptions?

Pharmacy to my Door has a link with private doctor services which means when your consultation has finished, your prescription will automatically be ready and waiting for you.  We offer the comprehensive support you would expect from a trusted high street pharmacist so advice and guidance as well as prompt dispensing of your medicines.

Speed and convenience is the biggest complaint amongst the general public when it comes to accessing a medical appointment.  Now that wait is over.  Learn more at

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