How To Care For Dementia Patients In Care Homes?


How To Care for Dementia Patients in Care Homes?

Having a relative diagnosed with dementia can be a heartbreaking experience for you both. At first, you may care for your relative yourself, then you may consider bringing in some supportive assistance and you may also consider placing your relative in a care home if your family member requires around the clock care. Keep in mind that Pharmacy To My Door offers care home services in Redditch, Bromsgrove and Banbury. We can advise and provide services for every stage of dementia care.

As most people with dementia are older and health needs can grow increasingly complex with age, this could mean that they are prone to forgetting to take important medications for conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. However, if you establish good support for your loved one early you can set the stage for a productive partnership and avoid disruptive and disorienting changes in routine. Here are our tips to care for dementia at home which can carry over into caring for dementia patients in care homes.

  • Introduce yourself, acknowledge what your loved one says and does

– Obtain permission to assist them

– Don’t engage further if they are aggressive – take a break

  • Be friendly, patient, kind and calm

– Discuss their lives, their day, how they feel, go with the flow

  • Do not argue, rather redirect, use gratitude and encouragement

– Give loved one a meaningful activity, ask them what they want, help them to accomplish this, thank them for letting you help, or for helping you.

  • Put in supportive assistance for independence where possible

– Purchase an Alzheimer’s clock to decrease confusion over time
– Utilise a dosette box to help with keeping track of medications
– Use a voice alarm clock (with permission, if not startling) as reminders for important tasks, such as taking medications

Pharmacy To My Door can work with you, with carers, support staff and care homes to assist with all care home needs. In particular, we can dispense medications to you in a dosette box -a cardstock dosing aid with small, labelled compartments that clearly show which pills need to be taken at what time of day. The health of the older generations is important to us. Because of this we use a robotic dispensing system which allows us to quickly and accurately create these medication boxes for vulnerable patients and care home residents. You can contact us today to find out more about the services we offer within care homes.

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