How to Fill Your Pill Box?

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Medication management can quickly become overwhelming when you take multiple medications throughout the day. It’s easy to lose track of what you need to take, when you need to take it, or whether you’ve already taken it.

Forgetting to take your medication or doubling up on doses can cause serious medical problems, more so if it happens often. You take your medication for a reason so it’s important to adhere to your medication regime.

Pill boxes are popular among those who take multiple medications because they are a user-friendly method of organising medications. Here are some tips on filling your pill box.

Instructions for filling Your Pill Box

Your pill box will be divided into separate compartments by day. Some are also further separated by time of day, usually marked “AM” and “PM.”

Wash your hands and use a clean flat surface, start taking out your doses of medication and pop them into each compartment as per your prescription instructions. It can help to keep your unsorted medication to one side and put the bottles to the other side once you put your pills in your pill box.

Once you’ve sorted your pills accordingly, put away your medications and place your pill box somewhere that’s both easy to see and access.

PTMD’s Smart Pill Box

Even though pill boxes make medication organisation easier, some people may still struggle with taking their medications correctly. Whether due to memory problems or health conditions, it can be difficult to organise and take medications the way they’ve been prescribed.

As a Dosette Pharmacy in Brailes, PTMD can make medication management even easier for you and for those who care for you. Each week, your medications will be delivered already preorganized for you.

Our dosette boxes come with photos, descriptions, and dosage information for each tablet. You’ll also see what the medication is used for and how to take it. To make sure you’re taking the right medication, the patient’s name and address will be on each box along with barcode tracking. We can even add a photograph of the patient for added peace of mind.

Pharmacy to My Door is a trusted dosette box pharmacy in Bloxham. Our mission is to make healthcare for our local community accessible and convenient. To make your medications work for you, contact us to find out more about our dosette box services.

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