How To Manage Your Heart Failure?

How to manage your heart failure

How to Manage your Heart Failure?

For most people, heart failure is a long-term condition that cannot be cured.  However, there is treatment for heart failure which can keep the symptoms under control and allow patients to lead a reasonably normal life with certain adjustments.  Your GP is the best person to discuss lifestyle changes with if you have received a diagnosis of heart failure. If you are struggling to get an appointment with your doctor,  then why not try our private doctor services where you can talk to a private doctor online or in person. PTMD offers a service which allows access to private doctors in Redditch and beyond in the West Midlands.

What are the symptoms of heart failure?

The main symptoms of heart failure are breathlessness which can occur either during activity or at rest, fatigue which can be felt most of the time not just after exercising and fluid retention which results in swollen ankles and legs. Less common symptoms include:

·         A persistent cough which may be worse at night


·         Wheezing


·         Bloated tummy


·         Weight loss or weight gain


·         Loss of appetite


·         Confusion


·         Dizziness or fainting episodes


·         A rapid heart rate


·         An irregular heartbeat or palpitations


Heart Failure Treatment


Heart failure treatment guidelines will usually suggest a mix of treatments including the following:

  •  Lifestyle changes like exercise, better diet, reduced alcohol intake and no smoking
  • Medication which will depend on the exact nature of the diagnosis
  • Devices implanted in the chest to control heart rhythm sometimes called pacemakers

How is heart failure diagnosed?


Heart failure is diagnosed using a combination of tests including:


·         Blood tests


·         ECG or electrocardiogram which records the electrical activity of your heart


·         Echocardiogram which uses soundwaves to examine the heart


·         Breathing tests to establish whether a lung problem is also involved


·         Chest X-ray to view the size of the heart and to see if there is any fluid present


Arrange a private doctor consultation either online or in person with PTMD’s private doctor services. We have appointments with private doctors in Redditch and beyond. Visit our website to find out more.

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