How to Order Your Repeat Prescriptions Online with Pharmacy To My Door?

How to Order Your Repeat Prescriptions Online

Ordering your repeat prescriptions can be as easy as pressing a button. Like many of the items we need, repeat prescriptions can be ordered online, making your medications more convenient than ever. There’s no more running between your GP surgery and the pharmacy every month- all you have to do is go online!

How Do I Order Repeat Prescriptions Online?
There are a few ways to sign up for online ordering of prescriptions. First, check if your GP surgery has an online portal such as SystmOnline. These portals have a range of online services such as booking appointments, reviewing test results, and requesting repeat prescriptions. Other apps and websites let you order repeat prescriptions online, including the NHS app and NHS repeat prescription website. You will need to choose a preferred pharmacy to have your prescriptions sent to.

You can also register directly with your preferred pharmacy and request repeat prescriptions through their apps or websites.

Prescription Delivery
Ordering repeat prescriptions online can save you a lot of time and stress, cutting out the need to contact your GP surgery or collect paper prescriptions. To save even more time, with Pharmacy To My Door we can even deliver your prescriptions right to your doorstep.

You can sign up on our website or you can nominate us as your preferred pharmacy with your GP. When we receive the details of your prescriptions, we will contact you to see if you need a refill. If you let us know that you need the prescriptions, we will dispense them and have them delivered to your address at no extra charge to you or the NHS.

We are based in Shipston-on-Stour and offer our community free prescription delivery within a 25-mile radius. Our dedicated pharmacists are available from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and during reduced hours on Saturday.

PTMD uses the Electronic Pharmacy Services (EPS) system to make prescription receipts more seamless than ever. With digitised services, we receive your prescriptions quickly and are able to get them out to you faster than if we had to wait for a paper prescription. Because we’re focused on our local community, we can offer same-day delivery up until we close.

For fast and easy prescription delivery, sign up on our website or nominate Pharmacy To My Door directly with your GP.

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