How To Organise Your Medications In Dosette Boxes?

Guide to organizing medications in dosette boxes

If you take multiple medications at different times of the day, it can become overwhelming keeping track of what you need to take and when. Forgetting to take your medication or taking too much of it can have adverse effects on your health which is why proper medication management is so important for your health. Dosette boxes help ease that burden by organising your medications in an easy to use system.

Dosette boxes are useful tools for anyone who takes multiple medications or for patients who have conditions such as dementia. They also make it easier for carers and family members to administer and keep track of a patient’s medication.

How to Use a Dosette Box

Dosette boxes are plastic boxes that have separate compartments for you to sort your pills into for the week. Depending on your medication schedule, your box can be separated into two sides for AM and PM. Dosette boxes are designed to be easy to use, see, and open, making them ideal for people with poor eyesight or who struggle with pill packaging.

The Dosette Boxes offered from Pharmacy to My Door have several enhanced features to make organising your medication work for you. The boxes come with photos, descriptions, and dosage information for each tablet. The patient’s name and address are on each box, so you know the medication has gone to the right patient. A photo of the patient can also be added on. For additional peace of mind, each dosette box has barcode tracking so that we know where each box is during the packaging process.

Another way to keep track of your pills is to make a checklist that has the medications you take, how to take them, and when to take them. You can make your own dosette box or get a template online. You can also go automatic with an automatic pill dispenser, but these can be quite costly.

Using Pharmacy to My Door’s dosette box service, you don’t have to worry about checklists or costly devices. We will provide your medications in a cost effective, hassle-free way to keep you on schedule. If you are looking for a dosette box pharmacy in Chipping Norton, Bloxham, or Stratford-Upon Avon.

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