How to Request a Repeat Prescription: A Step-by-Step Guide

Repeat prescription request guide

The government of the UK has started a valuable source known as National Health Service (NHS), which provides patients in the UK with easily accessible consultations and medications. The NHS repeat prescription offers fast and seamless medical assistance with personalised and helpful staff members.

By understanding how to request an NHS repeat prescription, you can easily avail yourself of all the benefits.

Here we will provide a step-by-step guide on making a request and making your healthcare needs easily accessible.

Register yourself with General Practitioners

To request a repeat prescription, you first need to register yourself with the General Practioner (GP). It is a simple process; you only have to find any local GP practice service and register yourself as a patient. For this, you will have to provide your personal information.

However, registering yourself will pen numerous benefits and a repeat prescription.

Choose a Pharmacy

The NHS app lets you select a pharmacy where you can request repeat prescriptions. In the NHS app, select the option ‘Prescriptions’ and then choose the option ‘Your estimated Pharmacy’ Here, you can like the pharmacy of your choice. It is best to stick to one pharmacy for your prescriptions. However, you can change your pharmacy at any given time.

Request a repeat prescription

After you have selected the pharmacy of your choice, you can now choose the option from ‘Order a prescription’. Here you will see two options, ‘repeat prescription’ and a ‘non-repeat prescription’. If you need a one-time medication, you can select the option of a non-repeat prescription.

However, for a continuous prescription, select the option ‘a repeat remedy’ and then press ‘continue’. Then you can enter the medication you require and when you need them.

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