How To Support Patients With Their Medication In Their Own Home?

Supporting patients with home medication management

One of the biggest challenges for many people who are older and on a lot of medication, can be remembering to take the right pill at the right time and on the right day. However, there are lots of ways family members, friends and care staff can help to support patients by using medication charts, self-filled Dosette boxes or a Pharmacy-filled Dosette box. Contact PTMD to find out more about systems like an automated medication dispenser or a Dosset box from our pharmacy in Bloxham.

What is a Dosette box?

A Dosette box is a seven day pill organiser which you can load yourself or which a pharmacy can do for you. It normally comes as a plastic tray and organises medication into different compartments for different days to ensure the correct medicine is taken at the right time.

For patients who have a lot of medication to take perhaps after surgery or for older people, a Dosette box is a great way to organise medicines to avoid forgetting. It is also much easier for a carer to see if the correct medicine has been taken at any given time.

What is an automated medicine dispenser?

An automated medicine dispenser is loaded and pre-programmed to only release the correct medicine at the specified time. Unlike a dosette box, the rest of the medication cannot be accessed by the patient, only the current dose is made available.

Are there any other types of reminders?

For the technically minded, there are a variety of different medication reminder apps. This can be useful for people who are not used to remembering to take different medicines at certain times or for elderly people who just need a nudge. The apps set off an alarm at the appointed time but equally, the same effect can be achieved with a simple phone call.

What type of patients need help with taking their medication at home?

It’s easy to think this only applies to the elderly or people who are beginning to develop dementia like Alzheimers but a much younger person can also feel overwhelmed about remembering to take different medications after an operation or serious health diagnosis. Even a change of routine or a big change in medication type and intervals can be difficult to remember at first.

Find our more about automated medication dispensers, medication charts and self-filled dosette boxes from PTMD. PTMD offer a pharmacy-filled dosette box service. To find out more about how a dosset box could help your patient, contact our pharmacy in Bloxham.

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