Importance Of Maintaining Proper Brain Health In The Time Of Covid

Importance of maintaining Proper Brain Health in the time of Covid

Importance of maintaining Proper Brain Health in the time of Covid

With the NHS overloaded with Covid patients heading into winter, many people are considering using a private doctor. You can have a quick consultation either online or in person with an appointment time to suit your busy schedule. There are plenty of online doctors around as a quick search in Google will demonstrate but it can be hard to find a safe and authentic service. Let PTMD arrange your private doctor consultation. We are well-known for supporting care home services in Shipston but did you also know that we offer a private doctor consultation service?

The Importance of Brain Health

The Coronavirus pandemic has led many people to think more about their mental wellbeing and physical health but it is easy to overlook the health of one of our most important muscles and that is the brain.

Brain Health Facts

Good brain health is defined by the World Health Organisation as a state in which every individual can realise their own abilities and optimise their cognitive, emotional and psychological functioning to cope with the situations that daily life throws at us.

How to Improve Brain Health

Here are some tried and trusted ways to improve your brain health as well as improving other aspects of your physical health and mental wellbeing:

·         Maintain mental stimulation, try puzzles, crosswords, quizzes and other games

·         Take plenty of exercise

·         Improve your diet

·         Lower your blood pressure through a mixture of diet and exercise

·         Change your diet to lower blood sugar levels

·         Quit smoking

·         Limit alcohol

·         Reduce stress

·         Look after your emotional health with meditation and mindfulness techniques

·         Sleep well

If you are worried about your health or there are any aspects you want to discuss with your GP or perhaps you can never get an appointment at a convenient time, then why not try a private doctor consultation with all the reassurance of PTMD?  We support care home services in Shipston but we also offer appointments and consultations with a private doctor. To find out more visit our website for information on the service and how to book.

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