Is Home Healthcare A Good Idea?

Is Home Healthcare A Good Idea

Most pharmacies serve the elderly population either via care homes in their area or by supporting people who have a home health care package. PTMD are a recognised care home pharmacy in Bloxham and Kineton. If you are looking for pharmaceutical services which are experienced with the elderly and with established systems and protocols for both at home and residential care, then contact PTMD.

What are the advantages of healthcare at home?

For most people, one of the main advantages of home-based care is that they are in a familiar and comfortable environment with all their treasured possessions around them. Home is a sanctuary and many people prefer to receive care in the home rather than in a care home or in hospital.

Why home healthcare is important

There are several important benefits of home health care and these include:-

  • Maintaining independence for as long as possible – not feeling wholly dependent upon others is a key factor to good mental health as we age. Staying in your home and having adaptions and modifications allows independence to last longer. Individuals can remain in a space that they love surrounded by their own possessions
  • Preserves dignity – alongside independence comes dignity. Home care is private and not communal, it allows for privacy and the opportnity to build caring relationships with a small number of healthcare workers and care professionals
  • Cost savings – make no mistake about it, residential care for the elderly does not come cheap and some people simply cannot afford it or want to put off that day for as long as possible. Modifying your home and having care workers and domicilliary help coming in will cost a fraction of the fees charged by residential care providers

If you are looking for pharmacy support to help care for an elderly relative in their home then contact PTMD. We offer extensive experience in the care sector both for residents in their own homes and those in residential care. We can help manage prescription medication plus offer advice and support. PTMD provide care home pharmacy services in Bloxham and Kineton. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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