Is It Okay To Put Medicine In A Pill Box?

Is it Okay to Put Medicine in a Pill Box

Do you wonder if using a pillbox is safe for your medications?  In general, they really are safe, but there are some common user mistakes. It also depends on what kinds of medications you are taking and how many of them you take as to whether a pillbox is the safest option for you. In some cases, a dosette box is a better choice than a pill box. Pharmacy To My Door is your dosette box pharmacy and has a selection of pillboxes and cases for your prescription drugs if it is appropriate for you to use a pillbox.

When should your pills be taken?

If your medications are few and align with the time slots printed on the pillbox you choose, you should be ok with on.  If they require staggered doses or require special storage conditions, a pillbox likely won’t do.  The time you take your meds strongly affects both the safety and effectiveness.  Sometimes people store staggered doses along with standard doses and this can lead to mistakes.   A missed dose, or even taking the wrong pill.

In this case, a dosette box may be more effective for you.

Do your medications require special storage?

Some medications require special packaging from the manufacturer that keeps out both moisture and light.  If medications are kept in a pillbox, this is not guaranteed.  If you have any medications that have these requirements, it is advised to keep them in the original packaging.  If these medications are part of a more complicated medications regime, you may want to consider a dosette box.

What is a dosette box?

A dosette box is made from card stock and contains sealed blister packs, or compartments, that clearly show which pills need to be taken at what time of day.

Whilst pillboxes and cases can be useful when you have few medications whose doses align with the time printed on the pillbox, if your medication regime is more complicated you should consider asking your GP about a dosette box service.  If you do not choose to engage with a dosette box service, you should be very careful and ask someone to check your work and verify that you have sorted your medications into boxes appropriately.

Pharmacy To My Door is your dosette box pharmacy in Chipping Norton, Bloxham, Stratford Upon Avon. We can assist you in determining whether a pillbox or case is suitable for you or if you should look into our dosette box services to give you peace of mind.

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