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Jet Lag
Are you travelling soon? If so, get in touch with our knowledgeable pharmacists for medical jet lag remedies to restore your body clock and maximise your trip.

Jet lag, or jet lag disorder, is a temporary difficulty which arises through undertaking international travel.

It affects your natural sleep pattern and is an occurrence which is known to affect those most prominently who have travelled through different time zones. With the reintroduction of travel and easement of Covid restrictions, Pharmacy To My Door is pleased to offer jet lag medication to our clients who foresee travel in their future and wish to make the most of their trip.

Why Does Jet Lag Occur?

Disturbance in the Circadian Rhythm
Jet lag may result from crossing two or more time zones due to the body’s inability to immediately adjust to your new location. By traversing such distances, your internal clock may become out of balance and the result is a disrupted Circadian Rhythm.

Because it can take time to adjust, many of your body’s regular patterns, including those which govern sleep and hunger, may also be out of sync. You may find it necessary to explore natural methods for retuning to your normal sleep and hunger cycles, or you may wish to obtain medication for your Jet Lag.

Why Does Jet Lag Occur
Benefits of Jet Lag medication

When Should You Consider Intervention?

Jet Lag medication can be beneficial for those who continue to struggle with the restoration of their natural Circadian Rhythm and suffer from ongoing insomnia upon the arrival of their travel destination. The best cure for jet lag is to address your Circadian Rhythm imbalance by getting adequate sleep at the right time of day. Jet lag medication can help.

Can Jet Lag be Prevented?

There are, in fact, ways which can help you reduce your chances of developing Jet Lag, but there is no definite prevention for Jet Lag. You can reduce the likelihood and severity of jet lag by adhering to a few simple observances. During your flight it is recommend that you: – stay hydrated – keep active to burn excess energy- this could mean walking around the cabin or stretching – keep in mind the time at your destination and sleep, if possible, in accordance with their time zone – avoid too much caffeine or alcohol If you are a frequent traveller or have experienced insomnia following travels in the past, you can obtain medicine for your jet lag before you leave in preparation for your trip. Get in touch with Pharmacy To My Door to learn more about the options we offer.
Can Jet Lag be Prevented
Recover from Jet Lag Now

Recover from Jet Lag Now

Experiencing Jet Lag can be unpleasant and can rob you of precious days on your holiday or crucial work days on your business trip. If you are travelling long distances, it is inevitable for your body to feel out of sync, however there are some preventative measures you can take to maximise your recovery and jet lag medicine to address any ongoing issues.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable pharmacists today and discover if our Jet Lag Treatments are right for you.