Keeping Older Loved One’s Warm in Winter

Keeping Older Loved Ones Warm in Winter

Keeping Older Loved One’s Warm in Winter

As we age, our circulation decreases as the walls of our blood vessels lose their elasticity. When the blood moves more slowly throughout our bodies, extremities will feel colder and also become cold more quickly. The fat layer under our skin will thin as we age and it is this layer which insulates us and conserves heat. As a trusted care home partner, PTMD works with organisations which provide some of the best care home services in the UK helping care for elderly people during the cold winter months. We work with care home services in Banbury and care home services in Bromsgrove providing pharmacy support to help keep the elderly healthy.

Staying Healthy in Winter

Cold weather is one of the biggest challenges for older people and the elderly but fortunately, there are lots of options when it comes to keeping an elderly relative warm and cosy in the colder months.

The temperature range of an elderly person is generally much lower than a younger person. Elderly people also tend to be less active – they may be restricted by health conditions, illness or mobility issues. Here are some of the techniques we witness as care home partners in the UK which you can use to help keep your elderly family member warm and toasty this winter.

  • Keep the house as warm as possible. Pull curtains back when its sunny to allow the sun to heat the room but always draw them when the light falls as the room will be colder if they are open
  •  Move furniture if it is blocking radiators
  • Keep rooms closed which are not in use
  •  Use radiator panels to reflect heat back into the room
  •  Layer clothing which traps air between each layer
  • Quit smoking and avoid smokers
  • Do not keep fresh flowers in the house
  • Use soft blankets or fleeces for extra warmth when sitting
  • Older people are much more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses or other health complications if they are living in a house which is just not warm enough.

Organisations like Age UK can provide lots of helpful information and advice about benefits and grants to help keep homes warm and help with paying energy bills. They also have lots of practical tips about staying warm safely.  Home care services can help if you are struggling to maintain enough contact with an elderly relative due to distance or other commitments. PTMD works with some of the best care home services in the UK including care home services in Banbury and care home services in Bromsgrove.  Find out more on our website.

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