Managing Patients Who Cannot Self Administer Medicine

Managing Patients Who Cannot Self Administer Medicine

As people get older, many daily tasks become more difficult than they used to be. Whether it’s cooking, housework, or finances, our elderly loved ones may not be able to cope with their previous responsibilities. Medication management is another task that can end up being too overwhelming for the patient.

Elderly patients tend to take several different medications throughout the day to keep them healthy. Yet remembering to take them, remembering the dosages, and remembering to request refills can end up being too difficult for the patients to manage. Because medication is so important these kinds of mistakes could cause serious adverse effects on their health.

Ways to Manage Medication

Depending on how much help the patient needs, using something simple like charts and lists could be enough to keep them on track. If they are tech savvy, you can set reminders on their mobile phones or tablets.

If more help is needed and you see them at least once a week, you can fill a weekly pill box for them with the medications they need to take. However, with the pandemic and our busy lives, it might not be possible to visit each week and plan out their pills.

If none of these methods are suitable and you need more help and assurance, then you need pre-packaged dosette boxes from Pharmacy to My Door.

Dosette Boxes for Patients

Dosette boxes take all the guesswork out of medications and give you peace of mind. The unique design of our dosette boxes simplifies medication management for the patient and for their caregivers.

Dosette boxes are separated into the days of the week and times of the day. Each package includes pictures and detailed information about each medication. With descriptions, dosages, and other details, the patient and their caregivers know exactly what medication is being taken and why.

You’ll never need to worry about medications going missing or receiving the wrong ones thanks to our enhanced safety features. Each dosette box has the patient’s name and address printed on it and we can even include a picture. Digital barcode tracking leaves a complete audit trail of where the medications have been during packaging and delivery.

To find out more about all the benefits of using PTMD’s dosette boxes to manage medicine, visit our website or contact us today.

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