Medicines Management: How Do Dosette Boxes Help Patients?

Medication management for non self administering patients

A Dosette box is a device which allocates specific patient medicines to their correct day and time and in the prescribed dosage.  Some patient medicine regimes are incredibly complicated and it can be even harder to remember to get it right if you are either ill or elderly or both.  PTMD offer a dosette box service where there is a clear patient need and to enhance patient safety.

A dosette box will contain a weeks’ worth of medication with clearly labelled compartments for each day, with each day then subdivide for different medicines which may need to be taken three or four times during the course of that same day.  The pharmacist can pre-load the compartments which also saves struggling with tamper-proof medicine bottles and lots of blister packs.

What are the advantages of a Dosette box?

A dosette box is often associated with elderly people because they can frequently be on lots of medication but there are plenty of scenarios where a dosette box is the perfect solution to manage multiple patient medicines.

  • A dosette box can prove the perfect organiser for anyone who is suddently faced with multiple and sometimes complex medication regimes, this can be the result of sudden trauma or surgery or a disease diagnosis which can be quite overwhelming and make it difficult to organise medication during the recovery period
  • Dosette boxes make it easier for several different carers to ensure that the correct medication has been taken as they can see at a glance the current status
  • Relying on memory, remembering to take multiple medicines and/or being able to recall this to tell someone else, can prove a problem for some elderly people who are becoming confused or forgetful. A dosette box can solve this problem and help that person retain a degree of independence

Talk to PTMD if you or someone you know would benefit from a dosette box for their patient medicine.  A dosette box offers completel peace of mind that the correct medication is being taken properly and on time.  This is all part of PTMD’s commitment to patient safety.

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