Medicines Management: How Much Safety Do Dosette Boxes Offer Patients?

Medicines Management: How Much Safety Do Dosette Boxes Offer Patients?

Unfortunately, medication errors can happen and sometimes these errors can have serious consequences. Each year, a significant number of emergency hospital admissions are due to preventable medication mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes happen in the hospital or are made by a GP, but many of these mistakes are made by caregivers or patients themselves. The patients may take the wrong dose, miss doses, or take more than they should have.

These types of mistakes are more likely because the patient is older, because of their declining cognition and because of the amount of medications they are on.  The elderly often take up to 10 or more medications per day and if a prescription regiment isn’t correctly adhered to, side effects and contraindications can occur.

Dosette Boxes
One of the easiest ways to prevent medication mistakes is by using a dosette box. Dosette boxes are divided into individual partitions for each day of the week and the time of day. They are easy to operate and handle, giving patients a safe way to organise their medications. If they are worried they have missed a dose, all they have to do is check the dosette box. Keeping it in an easy to access and visible spot helps the boxes become a part of your daily routine.

Pre-Filled Dosette Boxes from PTMD
Pharmacy To My Door can have pre-filled dosette boxes delivered right to your home. The robotics that carry out our automated dispensing will divide your medications into compartments so you can identify your doses with just a glance. Photos and descriptions of each medication is printed onto the boxes so that patients and caregivers will always know what needs to be taken and when.

For additional patient safety, their name and address is printed on each box. We can even add a photo of the patient. Digital barcode tracking ensures we have a complete audit trail for everywhere the box has been from packaging to delivery.

If you are worried about the safety of a patient’s medicine, sign up for Pharmacy To My Door’s Dosette Box service. Our boxes are safe, secure, and simple to use. Find out more on our website or contact us today.

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