If you’ve ever struggled to get a GP appointment when you need it most, you’re not alone. With the demands on the NHS getting ever higher, GPs are stretched to their limits and same day appointments are not always available.

Pharmacy to My Door is a well respected distance selling pharmacy, but we have also formed a successful partnership with MedicSpot to provide assistance for anyone looking for a private GP service in Moreton-in-Marsh. If you are looking for private doctor services in Moreton-in-Marsh, ours is a service that has been highly reviewed by patients.

Our online booking system allows you to select an appointment with a private GP at Pharmacy to My Door at a time to suit you, including same day appointments. At Pharmacy to My Door, an appointment is priced at only £39.99. Appointments are held in our clinical room and include an online video consultation with a GMC registered GP, followed by a full physical examination using state-of-the-art equipment.

Using the most up to date evidence based medicine, your private GP will make a diagnosis and prescribe medications. You can pay for your prescription and collect it at our onsite pharmacy, allowing you to start treatment without delay. When looking for a private GP service in Moreton-in-Marsh, you can be assured that our GPs can arrange referral for ongoing investigation or treatment if required.

When you or a relative are ill, looking for a private GP service in Moreton-in Marsh can reveal that private GP appointments are scarce. At Pharmacy to My Door, our online booking system can used to book same day appointments for anyone aged five and over. Whether you are worried about hayfever or a urine infection, our private GPs can provide advice and reassurance quickly.

To ensure holistic care, our GPs will email a copy of a ‘fit note’, letter to your child’s school, or other similar document to you if required. When looking for a private GP service in Moreton-in Marsh, you can be assured that Pharmacy to My Door provides a full service that will leave you feeling empowered and satisfied.

Book now to see why Pharmacy to My Door private doctor services in Moreton-in-Marsh are gaining popularity, and relax knowing you can see a private GP at an affordable price, whenever you need to.