New Guidance On How To Order Medication Online For Care Home Residents

New Guidance on How to Order Medication Online for Care Home Residents

If you are a care home manager or medications manager at a care home, it can be a challenge to organize all the repeat prescriptions for your residents. Chasing up the GP for a paper prescription can be time-consuming and takes valuable time away from resident interaction and care. Now, CQC registered care homes can work together with GP Practices and Pharmacists to allow care home staff to order repeat online medications on behalf of residents. Choosing Pharmacy To My Door as your residential care home pharmacy will remove a bulk of your troubles pertaining to medication repeat prescriptions.

The process by which care home staff are able to set up online repeat prescriptions for their residents is called obtaining “proxy access”.  This was developed to allow someone other than the patient/resident to access and manage parts of their GP online services account.  The proxy – in this case, the care home, is then given access via their own login details (not using patient login details). This process requires patient/resident consent and if refused, the care home must continue with paper-based protocol. Here are our tips on how to order resident medications online:

What happens when care home staff are given proxy access by GP practice?

Staff can:

  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Include a note to the GP

Possible issues:

  • Possible delays if overdue medication reviews and proxy access overlap

What records are kept and where?

  • On the GP end, an audit trail is created in the patient record, consisting of:
  • Who accessed records and when
  • Medication ordered
  • Who authorized/rejected the request and when

How is patient/resident privacy protected?

  • A data-sharing agreement between care home and GP practice
  • Information governance training/requirements required of authorized care home staff
  • There is a breach process in place should any breach or misuse of proxy access occur

Once you are set up with proxy access with the patient/resident GP, you can then set up with us as your care home partner whereupon it then becomes a three-step process:

  1. Order Medication —>   2.  Approve Medication Request —>  3. Dispense Medication

At Pharmacy To My Door, we can guide you through the process of how to order resident medication online to streamline medication dispensing at your CQC registered care home.  Contact us today for the caring, efficient partner that you need to help with your care home medication dispensing services today.

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