NHS Prescription Services: Is it Necessary?

NHS Prescription Services: Is it Necessary

As daily life falls back into its high-paced rhythms, many of us simply do not have the time to spare every month to request the medication we take regularly. Because most surgeries and pharmacies are only open when we are busy or working, it can be a hassle requesting and collecting our prescriptions. These opening hours also make it difficult to deal with any issues that might arise, further delaying you getting your medications.

Importance of NHS Repeat Prescriptions
We order so many of our essential items online, so why not do that with our prescriptions, too? With NHS repeat prescription services like those offered from Pharmacy to My Door, you can effortlessly order your medications online and have them sent directly to your home. No more trips back and forth between the GP and your pharmacy!

We cut out the time and energy spent getting repeat prescriptions with our efficient electronic services. If you are due your medications, we will contact your GP on your behalf and dispense your prescriptions. We will even let you know when you are due a medication review! Our efficient service will help prevent you from running out of your much needed prescriptions.

Because we are open later than many high street pharmacies, we can even assist with swift dispatch if you have an urgent or emergency prescription.

How Do I Get My NHS Repeat Prescriptions Delivered?
NHS repeat prescription delivery is easy to sign up for. You can sign up online on our website, through the Health app, or you can nominate us as your pharmacy directly with your GP surgery. Once we receive the details of your medications from your GP, we will take it from there. Now all you have to do is wait for your prescriptions to be delivered right to your door! Best of all, this time-saving service is completely free for both you and for the NHS.

If you are located in the Cotswolds and want to save time with NHS repeat prescription delivery, contact us today. Pharmacy to My Door offers safe, quick, and easy delivery of NHS repeat prescriptions in Shipston-on-Stour and NHS repeat prescriptions in Bloxham. Find out more on our website at https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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