NHS Repeat Prescription Services: Why Are They So Important For People?

NHS Repeat Prescription Services Why Are They So Important For People

Many people are on one or more medications that they have to take regularly. In order to expedite receiving medicines, many people get repeat prescriptions from their doctors. A repeat prescription is one where you don’t have to go into your doctor to receive it; it is filled automatically by your pharmacy and either picked up or delivered.

Why It’s Important

Refill prescriptions are important for a number of reasons. Currently, with coronavirus still ongoing, it reduces the number of people needing to return to their doctor’s office to get a refill. This cuts down on the potential transmission of the coronavirus. Beyond that immediate concern, however, is the number of people for whom traveling to their doctor’s is difficult, either because of the distance to travel or because they have underlying health problems. Not to mention the immediate convenience that comes from not having to visit the doctor’s office just for a refill. Better still, the pharmacies that do offer a delivery service for their meds make it even easier still for consumers.

Online repeat prescription services, such as those offered by Pharmacy to My Door furthers the convenience of the repeat prescription service. You can use partnered apps like Healthera to make your repeat prescription orders, and where available, have your meds delivered to your door. This saves the time and energy of having to go into your doctor’s office, helps reduce error, and maintains an accurate record of when you ordered your meds and what you need.

How To Get a Repeat Prescription

Every general practitioner has a policy for obtaining a repeat prescription. Because of how time-consuming it is to order refills, most GPs prefer to have their patients on repeat prescriptions for medicines they’ll be on for a long time. Each pharmacy will have its own procedure for getting a repeat prescription, but generally it requires either a phone call or a visit to your pharmacy for pickup. Some pharmacies will deliver, while others will require you to pick it up in person. There are also online apps that you can use to obtain a repeat prescription, such as that offered by the NHS, Co-op Health, Evergreen Life, and others. Once you’ve entered your info into the app, you can place an order for the meds you need, but in some cases you will need to speak with your doctor before placing the order. Ordering online is currently the preferred method, owing it to the coronavirus.

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