Our Contribution To Care Home Services – A Guide

Our Contribution to Care Home Services A Guide

Our Contribution to Care Home Services – A Guide

As the older generation is living for longer than ever before, many of us will have a friend or relative who is living in a care home facility in the local area. Care homes offer older people, or those with medical requirements, as much independence as possible whilst ensuring they feel safe, protected, and well looked after. At Pharmacy to My Door, we offer care home services in Birmingham and the surrounding area to ensure residents receive the best possible pharmaceutical care.

Care Home Services in Bromsgrove

Pharmacy to My Door also offers care home services in Redditch and Bromsgrove, and we take the health of the older generation very seriously. Whilst other companies have stopped dispensing the crucial ‘dosset box’, we have invested over £100,000 in our robotic dispensing system. This system allows us to quickly and accurately create medication boxes for care home residents. The boxes ensure that the right patient takes the right medication, at the right time.

This makes drug rounds faster for nursing staff, freeing them up for other clinical duties or to spend valuable social time with their care home residents. It also reduces the risk of drug errors which can have significant consequences. Residents and their families can feel assured that medications are being dispensed in the safest possible manner.

Safer Medications

Using the dosset box not only reduces the risk of errors, but can increase medication compliance. When a doctor prescribes a medication, it is for good reason. A combination of medications can help to treat or control a health complaint, and so it is important the patients understand why they are taking each medication. Our pharmacists can discuss any concerns a patient (or relative) may have regarding their medication, helping them to make an informed choice about their own healthcare.

To find out more about our services within care homes, contact us today.

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