Pharmacy’s Role Enhancing Health in Care Homes

Pharmacy’s Role Enhancing Health in Care Homes

A 2009 study found that when pharmacists take responsibility for medicines, the quality of life for care home residents increases. As specialists in medications, their knowledge can help care homes reduce waste, improve efficiency, and prevent serious injury.

On average, care home residents fall several times per year. Age and health can make falls more likely as can certain medication’s side effects. Having a pharmacist as part of the staff at a care home can help reduce falls through regular medication reviews. Pharmacists can assess a patient’s medication regime and make suggestions on any changes or adjustments that will improve their quality of life.

Pharmacists also cut down on costly medicine waste with these reviews. By identifying unnecessary or harmful medications, pharmacists improve the efficiency of prescriptions and reduce spending and wastage. A pilot programme revealed that pharmacists could save an average of £153 per resident through medicine optimisation. This can quickly add up and result in significant savings for the NHS and care homes. Additionally, because pharmacists can help prevent hospital admissions, they can help save the NHS over 75 million in avoidable admissions.

By regularly reviewing medications, pharmacists can identify any errors and help care home staff implement safer medication regimes. A study found that with a pharmacist, errors were reduced by over 90%.

Pharmacy to My Door Care Home Pharmacy
When you partner with PTMD, you will transform your care home staff into a multi-disciplinary team that will save you and the NHS money while providing enhanced comprehensive care for your residents. Your dedicated pharmacist will not only streamline medications, but will act as a source for advice and support. They will free up precious time for your staff and act as a liaison between GPs and hospitals.

PTMD pharmacists have diverse knowledge and skills that can be tailored to suit your home’s individual needs. We continually undergo training to meet the ever-evolving CQC requirements, serving as a vital resource for your staff.

Other services our care home pharmacists provide include:

  • Dispense prescriptions until 6pm with same-day delivery
  • Accept and implement emergency prescriptions
  • Distribute same-day mid-cycle changes
  • Collect prescriptions from surgeries and hospitals
  • Perform regular medication audits

Pharmacy to My Door is a care home pharmacy in Bloxham and Stratford-upon-Avon. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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