Pharmacy’s Role Enhancing Health in Care Homes

Pharmacy’s Role Enhancing Health in Care Homes

Care homes are far more than just a place for the elderly and vulnerable to live in. They provide essential care and support that the resident would not be able to access otherwise. All aspects of their daily life are looked after, including their medications.

As we get older, we usually end up taking several different medications. Many people do not question this and take what they are prescribed. Those who are older or have cognitive difficulties are especially susceptible to this. As a result, it is possible for a patient to be taking medications they may no longer need or are no longer effective. With potential side effects, this can have a negative impact on the patient’s quality of life.

That is why care home pharmacies are being utilised more and more. Pharmacists are specially trained in everything related to medications: not only can they dispense medication, but they can carry out medication reviews, make recommendations, and provide beneficial information.

Care Home Pharmacy Services by Pharmacy To My Door
With Pharmacy To My Door, we will provide you with a dedicated pharmacist who can dispense your residents’ prescriptions, give advice, and ensure a more streamlined medication process.

By acting as the liaison between you, the GP, and the hospital, your care home staff will have more time to devote to their essential duties. We can also monitor what is being given to your patients, perform medication reviews, and advise your care home on any questions you have about medications.

Where possible, we want the patient to have a say in their medical care. Our bespoke personalised services will work with you, your residents, and their families to create the best possible treatment plan.

Studies have shown that care homes greatly benefit from the wide variety of services pharmacists can provide. The role of a pharmacist has expanded over the decades, meaning you no longer have to wait on a GP appointment to deal with all medical queries. So contact us today to discover how our care home pharmacy services can improve life for you, your staff, and your residents.

PTMD offers comprehensive care home pharmacy services in Bloxham and in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Visit our website or call us to find out more.

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