Pill Boxes – Things to Think About When Organising Your Medication

Dosette boxes

When you get older, it’s not uncommon to have to take multiple medications throughout the day. Organising medications for the elderly can be quite a big task and if you have problems with your memory, this task can be even more difficult. 

PTMD’s dosette box pharmacy services are designed to help patients and their caregivers ensure the right medications are taken at the right time. Dosette boxes take the guesswork out of medications and our medication schedule generator provides a visual reminder of which pills have been taken or still need to be taken. 

Not only do dosette medication organisers help vulnerable patients and those who are worried about missing medications, but they are also praised by care homes and caregivers. Their design makes managing the medications for people under their care much more streamlined than it would be otherwise. When compared to other medication organisation systems, dosette boxes are simpler and more efficient to use. 

Dosette boxes have the name and address of the patient displayed so you will always know you’ve got the right medications. A photo of the patient can also be added. For extra security, there is barcode tracking for full traceability. 

The boxes also contain photos and information about each medication, including the dosage, what the medication is used for, and any precautions. 

How to Sign Up for PTMD’s Dosette Box Services

PTMD’s Dosette Boxes can be delivered each week and we can accommodate any mid-cycle changes to your medication regime. If the hospital or GP has made last minute changes, we’re often able to collect, make changes to, and redeliver your medications on the same day. 

Our dosette box services are provided as a routine part of our partnership with Residential Nursing and Care homes. If you are not in a care home but feel a dosette box will enhance your quality of life and protect you from making mistakes with your medications, speak to your GP. You can also contact us to discuss any questions you have about this service. 

PTMD can provide dosette boxes to those who need them, free of charge to both the patient and the NHS. Like our NHS prescription delivery, we deliver our dosette boxes free of charge. For the best Dosette Box pharmacy in Kineton and Shipston-on-Stour, sign up with Pharmacy to My Door. 

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