Quick Changes For A Healthier Heart

Quick Changes for a Healthier Heart

Quick Changes for a Healthier Heart

Around 7.4 million people are living with heart and circulatory disease in the UK, currently with a fairly even split between men and women. CHD or Coronary Heart Disease is the most common cause of heart attack and the single biggest killer worldwide. If you have concerns about your heart health and are worried you cannot access your normal GP in the current lockdown then why not take advantage of our private GP service in Stratford or our private GP service in Warwick.

How to Improve Your Heart Health Quickly

There are many different ways to improve your heart health and move towards a more heart healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle changes should be made gradually and progressively and in conjunction with a healthcare professional.

  • Lose weight with a change of diet and exercise – if you are very overweight then it is important to lose weight slowly and consistently, with a goal  of ultimately losing 5% of your body weight
  • Choose a form of exercise that is suitable for your age and physical health. You may have other health conditions which mean some forms of exercise are better than others. Exercise should raise your heart rate but how it is exercised should be be relevant to your current weight, age and health status
  • Quit smoking
  • Change your diet and opt for healthier meal options, cutting out unhealthy foods like processed meals, high fat and salt meals, takeaways and sweet treats

Changing your eating and exercise habits are the best ways to keep your heart healthy and also help avoid Type 2 Diabetes.  It is important that you discuss your heart condition with a doctor and that the steps you want to take are medically approved. You may be given heart medication and treatment for high blood pressure (hypertension) which will be kept under review. You may need to stay on this medication long-term or for life irrespective of any changes you make to your lifestyle.

How to Strengthen a Weak Heart

Your heart will become stronger with more or increased exercise and lower body weight. It is important that you discuss your plans with a healthcare professional and that your lifestyle changes support the heart condition that you have been diagnosed with.

If you are concerned about your heart health then talk to a healthcare professional.  If you cannot see your GP or are worried about waiting for an appointment then consult PTMD’s private GP service in Stratford or our private GP service in Warwick.  We offer a range of early and late appointment times either online or face to face. www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk

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