Read Our Step By Step Guide To Ordering A Repeat Prescription

Read our step by step guide to ordering a repeat prescription

Repeat prescriptions can involve both the patient and the GP surgery in repetitive administrative processes which are time-consuming, fiddly and can be subject to human error.  Who hasn’t overlooked a repeat prescription at some time?  And then there is all the hassle of ordering the repeat, going to pick up the actual piece of paper and then taking it to the chemist.  Well now, with the new NHS repeat prescription online service, repeat prescriptions just got a whole lot easier.

How does it work?

The NHS is rolling out an online NHS repeat prescription ordering programme called EPS.  This applies to all prescriptions and takes advantage of the speed and ease of electronic communications to make not only the patient’s life easier but the doctor’s too.  This system will particularly benefit those who have repeat medications meaning you don’t even need to leave your home to access your medicines.

Your local GP surgery will communicate directly with your nominated chemist.  You don’t need a computer to benefit from this service, the idea is that doctors and pharmacists link up electronically. However, if you do have a computer, you can register with a pharmacist of your choice like Pharmacy to my Door and let us take care of the admin of your repeat for you.

Simply identify the medications and we will liaise with your GP and arrange the medicines for you. It’s easy to open an online account and handy reminders will keep you on track.  Medicines can be delivered anywhere free of charge and you can register multiple addresses. 

The NHS repeat prescription order service works just as well for those who don’t have access to a computer such as the elderly.  Practice staff register patients who nominate the chemist of their choice.  Repeat prescriptions can be organised via a phone call after which the GP will send the request automatically to the chemist.  Medicines don’t have to be collected but can be delivered to the home address free of charge.  Find out more about how the NHS repeat prescription online service could benefit you and your family at

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