Repeat Prescriptions vs. Acute Prescriptions: Key Differences

Repeat vs acute prescriptions differences

    Medications are vital for many of us. They help us manage health conditions that might otherwise impact our overall quality of life. Medications can also be taken in the short-term to treat acute conditions.

    Whether you’re taking regular medications or need a one off-prescription, Pharmacy to My Door’s NHS repeat prescription service in Chipping Norton can help you look after your health.

    What is a Repeat Prescription?

    Repeat prescriptions are medications that are taken on a regular basis. They are commonly issued to treat chronic conditions and usually don’t require face-to-face consultations when you need a refill. Instead, you will only have to discuss your prescriptions during any regular medication reviews.

    You will need to request your repeat medications whenever you’re close to running out. This is often monthly unless your GP has authorised longer prescriptions. There are several options for requesting your medications, but most surgeries are moving toward electronic methods. This can be through your surgery’s online portal, the NHS app, or your nominated pharmacy’s website.

    If you choose PTMD for your NHS repeat prescription in Kineton, we’ll liaise with your GP electronically and have your medications shipped directly to your doorstep.

    Electronic repeat prescription ordering saves patients and GP’s time and effort. There’s no more need for travelling back and forth between the surgery and pharmacy whenever you need a refill. You can also request your medications online 24/7 without worrying about office hours.

    What is an Acute Prescription?

    An acute prescription is given to treat a sudden and short-term condition, also known as an acute condition. Examples of acute conditions include an asthma attack, sprained ankle, and the flu. Acute prescriptions may be a one-off or may have a limited number of refills.

    In some cases, an acute prescription may be given so your doctor can monitor whether it’s appropriate for a chronic condition. If it’s deemed beneficial to your health, it may end up becoming a repeat prescription.

    NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Chipping Campden

    Pharmacy to My Door can arrange to have your NHS repeat prescriptions delivered to you at no extra cost. We can even accommodate urgent and acute prescription requests. To make medication ordering hassle-free, simply nominate us as your preferred pharmacy or contact us for more information.

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