• Dispensing NHS and private prescriptions
    Repeat dispensing phone to request your medication or set up a monthly automatic request
    Electronic Prescription Service
    Prescription collection from local surgeries (Abingdon and Didcot)
  • Disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines
  • Advice on treatment of minor conditions and healthy living
  • Medicines Use Reviews (eg.how to correctly use inhaler, lifestyle advice, minimising side- effects ) which leads to increased medicine compliance and concordance
  • New Medicine Service
  • Flu vaccination service
  • Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) service
  • Emergency supply of prescription medicines
  • Medication trays preparation (segragated, timely labelled medication boxes for the elderly struggling to pop pills from the blister or forgetful)
  • NHS Health Check (blood pressure, cholesterol or blood glucose testing)
  • Minor ailments trained staff
  • Confidential consultation service
  • Delivery Service (terms and conditions apply)
  • Stop smoking service-*Only at Consult
  • Supervised consumption of prescribed medicines-*Only at Consult