Six Benefits Of A Care Home Pharmacy Service

Six benefits of a care home pharmacy service

One of the most significant tasks for any care home is organising the medicines of its residents.  This can be complicated as many are on multiple daily medications which are subject to frequent variation.  Organising and dispensing medicines is, therefore, a key task for care home staff and there is a lot of administration associated with this process not to mention the care and attention required over the identity of the drug and confirming the correct dosage.

Pharmacy to my Door has a comprehensive and professional dispensing service dedicated to the unique demands of the care home sector.  Our care home pharmacy service offers some key benefits:-

  • we both collect and dispense prescriptions liaising with the GP and the care home
  • we can dispense up to 6 pm every day for same-day receipt
  • the service can respond to mid-cycle changes which might occur as a result of a GP visit i.e. a prescription of antibiotics which can be dispensed on the same day
  • we have our own in-house audit system to review monthly repeats to check for any changes made by the doctor
  • we can authorise emergency prescriptions by fax from the GP or care home staff
  • each care home has a dedicated pharmacist available to resolve queries and offer guidance and advice.  They act as a central point of communication on behalf of the care home with GP surgeries and hospitals reducing the administrative burden on care home staff

Where Pharmacy to my Door excels in the provision of a care home pharmacy service is in its uniquely flexible approach offering the attention to detail and care you would expect from a dedicated high street pharmacy.  This is combined with the resources and protocols of a fully digitalised large provider truly providing the best of both worlds to its care home clients.

Pharmacy to my Door has marked itself out in the marketplace for its unique care home pharmacy service which utilises the strengths of both large and small pharmacy services to provide something uniquely tailored to the individual needs of the care home sector. Learn more at

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