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What are the advantages of using a Dosette Box?

There are many different ways to organise your medications, but here at Pharmacy to My Door we can’t recommend using a dosette box enough. As a leading dosette box pharmacy in Banbury and Wellesbourne, we know how much a dosette box can improve a person’s healthcare routine. Our dosette boxes

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dosette box pharmacy in Bloxham

Why Is It Important To Take Medicine Correctly & How?

If you take medication, it’s because your doctor believes it will be beneficial to your health. You should always take your medications exactly as instructed, even if you no longer experience the symptoms it was prescribed for. Medication errors account for an alarming number of A&E admissions each year, so

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Smart pill box for medication management

How Do Smart Pill Boxes Improve Healthcare?

Old age makes it harder for people to adhere to pill-taking schedules. Thankfully, a smart pill dispenser can help prevent life-threatening mistakes.  The Smart Pill box was developed to improve medication adherence. The Smart Pill Box for the elderly is an automated pill dispenser and software/mobile application to help patients

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