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Obtain a dosette box for easy medication management

How Can I Get A Dossett Box?

Dosette Boxes are available from your local GP surgery but there is often a waiting list for these which can run into several months. PTMD offer Dosette Boxes from their online pharmacy in Bloxham and their pharmacy in Wellesbourne and these can be preloaded with the right medication to avoid

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Proper medication storage with dosette boxes

Dosette Boxes: Carry And Store Your Medicines Properly

Dosette boxes are containers that organise your pills by the day that they’re supposed to be taken. They are very useful for people on a number of medications who need to be able to keep track of when each one is used. Taking pills out of order will impact their

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Is it Okay to Put Medicine in a Pill Box

Is It Okay To Put Medicine In A Pill Box?

Do you wonder if using a pillbox is safe for your medications?  In general, they really are safe, but there are some common user mistakes. It also depends on what kinds of medications you are taking and how many of them you take as to whether a pillbox is the

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Guide to organizing medications in dosette boxes

How To Organise Your Medications In Dosette Boxes?

If you take multiple medications at different times of the day, it can become overwhelming keeping track of what you need to take and when. Forgetting to take your medication or taking too much of it can have adverse effects on your health which is why proper medication management is

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