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benefits and drawbacks of repeat prescriptions

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of repeat prescriptions.

A repeat prescription is a medication you take regularly. You usually do not have to see your GP each time you need a refill on your medications. Instead, you request your prescription each month with only periodic in-person medicine reviews. The process of getting a repeat prescription varies from surgery

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NHS Repeat Prescriptions Online

What can I do about my repeat prescription?

Many of us take prescription medications on an ongoing basis. Known as repeat prescriptions, these are medications that you regularly take without having to see your GP face-to-face each time you need a refill. Even though you may not need to see your doctor each time you need the medication,

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What Happens If I Lose My Repeat Prescription

What Happens If I Lose My Repeat Prescription?

These days, most repeat prescriptions are issued electronically and one of the great advantages of this is that you don’t need to remember to look after a small piece of paper. It also means that people who are visually impaired don’t need to request an NHS repeat prescription in braille.

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