The Advantages Of Ordering Your Medicine Online

The advantages of ordering your medicine online

The NHS is actively encouraging its patients to switch from attending their GP surgery in person to arranging and collecting prescriptions via an online service. Quicker and slicker, if you buy medicine online, it saves the NHS both time and money and could make your life easier too.

Is it safe to buy drugs online?

Yes, it is and the NHS is actively encouraging patients to follow this method as it streamlines the whole process.  Your medicines are checked by the pharmacist against your GP’s prescription and cannot be released without the usual verification of identity.  The pharmacy process that you might witness in person when you hand in your script, is still performed so every order is double-checked against the prescription just as if you were there.

How to order medicine online in the UK

Tell your GP that you want to collect your prescription at a nominated pharmacy. You may need to register online with your GP surgery in order to create an e-profile with the pharmacist. The GP can then automatically transmit your prescription to the chemist before you have even left the building. Check with the dispensing pharmacist as to when your medications are ready.  You can even choose to have your medicine via home delivery.

Why should you buy prescription drugs online?

If are thinking you want to buy meds online, it is not as daunting as you might imagine and you could be saving your local surgery both time and money. Buying online cuts down on paperwork and if you have a repeat prescription, it saves on appointment time too for both you and your doctor.  You can collect medicines to suit your timetable or have them delivered to your home if going out is not possible or convenient.

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