The Best Way To Fill Your Weekly Pills In Dosette Boxes

efficient weekly medication organization with dosette boxes

The more medications you take, the harder it can be to keep track of them. Maybe you’ve tried lists, reminders on your phone, or asked a loved one to help. If you are still missing doses or taking too many doses, however, a dosette box could be the answer.

Dosette boxes are weekly pill boxes with separate compartments for each day. If you take morning and evening medications, you can get dosette boxes with AM on one side and PM on the other.

Benefits of a Dosette Box

Dosette boxes are visual reminders for your prescriptions. They are easy to see and use, so they are ideal if you have poor eyesight or mobility. For patients with carers or family members who help administer medications, dosette boxes make it simple to monitor and give out medicines.

Filling Your Box

First, make sure you wash your hands. Next, find a flat, clean space to work on like your dining room table. Put your pill bottles or packages to one side and your dosette box next to them.

Following the instructions on your prescription packaging, put one dose of your medication in each compartment. For instance, if you take a medication every morning in a 10mg dose, put a 10mg dose in the AM boxes for M, T, W, TH, F, S, and S. When you have finished with the first medication, put them to the other side of your workspace.

Repeat this process for each medication then check each compartment carefully to make sure everything is in order. Click the compartments fully closed to ensure none of your medications fall out and place it in an easily visible and accessible space.

Pharmacy To My Door Dosette Boxes

If you like the idea of weekly pillboxes, but need help ensuring they’re filled correctly, PTMD can help. Our dosette box services make taking your medications easier than ever. They are packaged with pictures and information about each medication so you will know what each pill is and its dosage. For added security, the name, address, and photo of the patient is included along with barcode tracking.

PTMD is a leading bespoke dosette box pharmacy in Chipping Norton, Bloxham, and Stratford-upon-Avon.

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