The Evolution Of Online Repeat Prescriptions

The evolution of online repeat prescriptions

The evolution of online repeat prescriptions

The digital age has revolutionised certain processes making them quicker, streamlined and less labour intensive and one of these is online prescriptions.  The most laborious and time-consuming for GPs and pharmacists have been their repeat prescription service, a necessity for many people with chronic health conditions and who are on long-term medication.  Gradually, the software has evolved to cater for repeat prescriptions across the UK starting with repeat prescriptions in London and then rolling out nationally as the NHS has started to digitalise the repeat prescription service as part of their technology upgrade and streamlining of services.

Repeat prescriptions have always been time-consuming for both the patient and the GP but all this changed with the arrival of the internet meaning that prescriptions could move online followed by the introduction of the NHS online repeat prescription service.  Computers allow the GP to send an e-prescription direct to the pharmacist of your choice and technology means you can create an account which will automatically dispense repeat prescriptions including delivery direct to your door without even having to leave home.  This saves time and hassle for the patient and makes the work of the GP and their support team much easier, cutting down on admin time. 

The system is secure and tamperproof and involves the patient in hardly any surgery visits, only required for medication review which is a distinct benefit for those who struggle to get out or travel and in these times of heightened risk due to Covid-19.

Find out what a secure repeat prescription service can offer you in terms of ease and convenience.  This NHS service is available for repeat prescriptions in London and repeat prescriptions across the UK.  Set up an account from a computer, tablet or other device or just ask your surgery to do it for you to access online NHS repeat prescriptions and just enjoy your medicines delivered free to your door.  Learn more on our website

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