The Impact Of Care Homes Pharmacy Services In Nursing Homes

The Impact of care homes pharmacy services in nursing homes

Pharmacists are a vital part of our healthcare system and are able to provide health services that used to only be available from a GP surgery. They are qualified healthcare professionals who can treat minor illnesses and can provide wellbeing advice. Some of the services they offer are medication review and management, sexual health advice, vaccinations, treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, as well as help with quitting smoking or losing weight.

As a result of pharmacies being more patient-centered, it is becoming common for their services to be utilized in care homes. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has stated that the skills a care home pharmacy provide greatly improve the quality of life of care home residents. Studies also show that pharmacists take the weight off the already burdened NHS.

What Can a Care Home Pharmacy Do?

Care home pharmacists have the training and knowledge to help patients who have concerns about minor illnesses and injuries. Additionally, they can make referrals if the patients need further medical treatment. 

Pharmacists have at least five years of training in medicines so they can provide several services related to the medications care home residents take. They can:

  • Dispense prescriptions
  • Train and support staff on medicines
  • Order repeat prescriptions or make any changes to the medications
  • Perform reviews to ensure patients are on the right medicines and dosages
  • Help residents manage their medications
  • Minimize the waste of medicines

Other ways pharmacists can aid care homes are by supporting the management of long-term health conditions and by running regular clinics. The presence of care homes pharmacies in nursing homes also reduces the risks of trips and falls among residents.

Pharmacy To My Door offers peerless care home pharmacy services. PTMD recognizes that every care home is different so we can tailor our services to suit your needs. We work closely with care homes and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure compliance with the ever-changing CQC requirements. PTMD care homes pharmacy can also:

  • Provide a dedicated pharmacist
  • Dispense medications until 18:00 with same-day delivery
  • Accept emergency prescriptions
  • Liaise between hospitals and doctors on your behalf 

Pharmacy To My Door is a leader in care homes pharmacy services. To find out more about the best care home pharmacy in Brailes, Bloxham, and Wellesbourne.

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