The Impact of Pharmacists Working in Care Homes Services

The Impact of Pharmacists Working in Care Homes Services

Studies and pilot programmes have shown time and time again that there are a multitude of benefits when care homes partner with pharmacies. A pharmacist on staff greatly improves the health of patients whilst costs and medication errors go down. By having a pharmacist take over the duties relating to medications, your staff has more time to devote to the residents and other duties.

Impact of Pharmacy Care Home Services
Research has shown that a significant number of medication errors are made each year, most of them occurring within care homes. Some of these errors are serious enough to warrant ambulance call outs or hospital admissions. Others simply leave patients taking medication they do not need, costing the NHS and care homes millions of pounds each year.

Unless you have a medical professional on site, receiving personalised health care advice for each of your residents on a regular basis can be difficult. GP surgeries and hospitals are stretched thin now more than ever. A care home pharmacist can help pick up this slack. In addition to dispensing medications, they can carry out routine medication reviews to check that everything a resident is taking is beneficial. They can identify any prescriptions that are causing more harm than good and make regime recommendations. Medication reviews also result in less medication waste.

A pharmacist also reduces the risk of care home residents experiencing falls. Some medication side effects can make a person more susceptible to trips and falls so whenever medication checks are carried out, a pharmacist can identify any risks.

When you partner with Pharmacy To My Door, you will have a dedicated care home pharmacist as your point of contact. They will oversee and streamline medications within your care home, act as a liaison with healthcare providers, and provide support and advice to your residents and staff.

Other services your care home pharmacist can provide:

  • Dispensing same-day delivery of medications up to 6 pm
  • Implement mid-cycle changes and emergency prescriptions
  • Provide training and support
  • Auditing prescriptions

Pharmacy To My Door offers a comprehensive, compassionate care home pharmacy service that will treat your residents with dignity. To find out more about what we can do for you, visit our website or contact us today.

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