The Importance of Getting Your Annual Flu Vaccination

flu vaccination service in Brailes

In just a few months, it’ll be time for us to get our annual flu jab. We know that time flies and you might be thinking you only just got your most recent jab, but it’s important to receive a new one each year. Previous flu jabs will only protect you against prior strains of the influenza virus.

The flu virus evolves and changes over time so it’s important to receive a new inoculation each year. The latest batch of flu jabs is created after extensive research is done on which flu strains are most likely to spread during the next flu season.

Stay ahead of the game this flu season by visiting Pharmacy to My Door’s online booking portal to arrange your flu jab. We offer a convenient flu vaccination service in Wellesbourne, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and other local areas.

The Importance of Annual Flu Vaccinations

While the flu might not be life threatening for most people, even mild cases can leave you unable to leave bed for several days. The symptoms of the flu come on hard and fast, thoroughly disrupting people’s lives at work, school, and at home. There’s also a risk that the flu can develop into something more serious like pneumonia.

The elderly and more vulnerable populations are at a higher risk of complications from the flu. This can be made worse by other viruses like covid-19. Those more at risk of flu complications include:

  1. Older adults
  2. Young children
  3. Pregnant women
  4. People with compromised immune systems
  5. Those who are unable to get the flu jab

By getting your annual flu vaccination, you’ll be protecting yourself, the more vulnerable among us, and the wider community at large.

Flu Vaccination Services in Chipping Norton

Some people are eligible for free flu jabs if they meet certain criteria. You may be eligible for an NHS flu vaccination if you are:

  1. Over the age of 50
  2. Under the age of 16
  3. Are a carer or frontline worker
  4. A resident of a care home
  5. Have a chronic health condition

Pharmacy to My Door offers NHS flu jabs free of cost for those who qualify. If you’re not eligible for a free vaccine, we also offer affordable private flu jabs. You can book your appointment online as soon as we stock the flu vaccines. Learn more about flu vaccination service in Brailes and surrounding areas when you click here.   

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