The Role of Care Home Pharmacy in Optimising Medication Management

The vital role of care home pharmacy

In this fast-paced era where the population is increasing, there is a high demand for care home pharmacies at homes. It provides both the safety and the effectiveness of the medication. A care home pharmacy ensures the well-being of the elders or a house-stricken individual.

As a result, care home pharmacy has increased the importance of optimising medication when providing healthcare opportunities.

What is Care Home Pharmacy?

A care home pharmacy is a partnership between the care homes and the patients that helps manage a patient’s health. Good health care by the pharmacies includes expert treatment advice and routine visits by care home staff visits. Pharmacists are well-trained and must follow the rules the regulators impose to provide excellent patient service.

What is Meant by Medication Optimisation?

Medication optimisation or medication optimisation, according to NHS, is the process that maximises the benefits of the medication and minimises the risks unnecessary medication-related risks.  This helps the patient get the best possible outcome in using certain medications.

Four basic principles help in the guidance of medicine optimisation that cares home pharmacy has to follow, which are as follows:

  1. Understanding the patient past experiences with the medication
  2. The medicine chosen is based on the evidence of the illness
  3. The medication prescribed has no harmful side effects
  4. Making medication optimisation a part of routine practice

The care home pharmacy’s job is to ensure the supply of medication according to the need, educate the patient on how to take medicine and ensure that the resident takes the drug on time.

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