The Role of Ordering Repeat Prescriptions Online

The Role of Ordering Repeat Prescriptions Online

If you are a care home or supported living home manager, you may not yet have the clients in your home signed up for NHS repeat prescriptions online.  By ensuring that each of your clients have repeat prescriptions in place online, you will improve the efficiency of your team, create less admin for them and free up time for your staff to concentrate on face to face interactions and support for your clients.

What are NHS Repeat prescriptions?

NHS repeat prescriptions means the ability to have a continuous supply of a certain medication that you routinely take for a set period of time without having to attend the GP to collect a paper prescription.

What about care home clients?

Clients in care homes may have prescription medicine needs.  If so, it is very important that their needs are addressed on an individual basis.  For example, according to NICE best care practices, if two clients take the same medication, it is very important that the medications are not shared between them.

It is also very important that all client medications are kept in stock at all times.  Running out of client medications is bad practice.  Best practises also include:

  • Having two members of staff who have training and skills for medications ordering
  • Ensuring all medications are checked against the order prior to being stocked in client medications cabinet
  • Ensuring all medication records are up to date
  • Whilst pharmacies can assist in record keeping, care homes should maintain in-house record keeping

The role you can play in the ordering of repeat prescriptions cannot be overstated. You’ll bring peace of mind and efficiency of service to your clients and allow more free time to your support staff.  PTMD offers NHS repeat prescription services in Shipston on Stour and Bloxham.  Visit us online for additional information and opening times.

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